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Support Flood Relief Efforts with Dhammakaya Foundation

Thailand is now submerged under the most devastating flood of the century. Thousands of people are homeless and misplaced. Farms are destroyed. People have to live without food, clean water, sanitary, electricity and every necessity. Many places are completely disconnected from the world. Physical and emotional damages are beyond human capacity to receive and the healing process would take years. Dhammakaya Foundation, which is located adjacent to one of the irrigation canals, is sending all resources including its funds, equipment and manpower to offer flood relief to the victims as well as preventing the main city from further flooding. Up until the 14th of October, the foundation has been providing aid to over 100,000 households in 23 provinces. Your kind generosity to help brothers and sisters of this world are more valuable during this time of crisis more than you can imagine. Your care can help relief this national disaster. Your hand can outreach to the heart of the victims. All contributions to the flood-relief fund are welcomed simply by providing the following: You may contribute to the flood-relief fund by providing the following:

  • Dry food, such as instant noodles and canned food,
  • Clean water,
  • Boat with paddles,
  • Life vest,
  • Medicine,
  • And of course monetary support in the form of donations.

The donations should be made to Phrarajbhavanavisudh at the following account.

Dhammakaya Foundation Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (SCB) Klongluang Branch SWIFT Code : SICOTHBK Account Number: 3142554751 Mobile: +66-8-8277-7988 (English Speaking)

Please contact us for further information at the Main Office of Dhammakaya Foundation in Pathum Thani province or call +66-2831-1170 to 2 (Thai Speaking).
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