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Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony

Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony Sunday 6th November 2005 Dhammakaya Temple, Thailand

Kathina Ceremony, the more than 25 century old custom, which has been preserved down to these modern days, is believed by all Buddhists as a way to acquire merits for it is possible for just once a year. Kathina is a Pali term referred to the wooden frame of a round or square shape which monks in the olden time used to sew their clothes on. On the other hand, Kathina refers to the clothes prepared and presented to monks who have completed the three-month period of rains retreat. The Kathina robe can be either one of these three pieces: the outer robe, the sarong-like garment, or the shoulder robe and perhaps the set of triple yellow robes. The event in which the robe is offered to the monks is, therefore, known as the Kathina Ceremony or more commonly recognized as the Robe Presentation Ceremony. How was the Kathina originated? Once, in the Buddha's time, a group of thirty monks from Patha township went to Savatthi in order to meet the Lord Buddha who was residing at Jetavana. But they could make it only to the neighbouring town of Saketa. When the compulsory day to observe the Rains arrived, thus they were compelled to pause their journey. That was for the three rainy months. They were sad not being able to see the Buddha in time. When the Rains ended, they hastened to Savatthi right away. There they sought audience with the Master, who after the exchange of pleasantries, perceiving a need for extra robes for monks after the rains retreat, decreed a permission for them to receive new robes given by devotees ever since. The Kathina Ceremony of this year at Wat Dhammakaya, Pathumthani, Thailand is scheduled on Sunday 6th November. You are cordially invited to join this great event of the year.

6:00 am. Morning Almsgiving Ceremony at Dhammakaya Cetiya entrance
9:30 am. Mass meditation and the Ceremony of Offering the Sustenance to the Lord Buddha
1:20 pm. Procession of Kathina Robe Offerings
1:50 pm. Mass meditation before Kathina Ceremony
2:30 pm. Kathina Ceremony and receipt of blessings from Sangha
3:00 pm. Donation time
4:00 pm. End

Welcoming the new dawn with great alms.

Chairpersons of Almsgiving Ceremony & people from everywhere

Of Monks and Men in morning hours of meditation.

Kathina Ceremony prisided by Mr.Boonchai Benjarongkul

Kathina : Fabric of Faith

Donation time

Extras : Chananporn Rosejant, Miss Thailand Universe 2005, on her elegant peacock attires.

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