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The Great Teacher Day 2548 B.E.

The Great Teacher Day September 18, 2005

The Rediscovery of the way to attain Dhammakaya Now, we are approaching the fifteenth day of the full moon in the tenth month w hich is in the Buddhist Era 2548. It occurred on 18 th September of every year. Since 88 years ago, from that day onward the basics of meditation Luang Pu teaching the 'base of the mind' in the dhammakaya tradition way to attain the wisdom body of the Lord Buddha were propagated worldwide. Everyone can verify the existence of Dhammakaya by the practice of meditation. Once he or she who attained the Dhammakaya, they will realize the value of the triple gems because to attain Dhammakaya is the right way to verify the core foundation of Dhamma. The Day of the Lord Buddha Since the Buddha time at the end of Wednesday on the fifteenth day of the sixth month, Chinese Year of the Roaster. Before the 45 years of Buddhist Era, The great man or the Bhotisatava meditates according to the middle way until his enlightenment. It can be said that ever since the Bhotisatava was born is when the physical body occurred. But when the Bhotisatava has enlightenment with Dhammakaya Arahant inside the body was as the second time of birth that the Bhotisatava appeared on earth as the Lord Buddha. It can be said that Dhammakaya is now occurred on the earth. And from then on until 45 rainy seasons, the Lord Buddha has process his Buddha traditional duty to bring the entire human race to attain Dhammakaya and discover the truth of life. In fact, now a day it is the duty of the monk adherent to bring the entire human race to attain Dhammakaya by the practice of meditation. There are many teachable persons who followed and practice meditation and could manage to achieve the true happiness "Dhammakaya". This is why there are many people paying highly respect to the greatest kindness of Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam (Phramonkolthepmuni), the great teacher who carries on the great teaching of the Lord Buddha to the public worldwide and rediscovers the word of "Dhammakaya" Physical Body and the body of enlightenment of the Lord Buddha Even the physical body of the Lord Buddha was diminishing, but the Dhammakaya still exists. Therefore the word "Dhammakaya" was happened since the Buddha period and appeared in many places on the page of the Buddhist Scriptures. But the way to attain Dhammakaya did not say clearly anywhere. Until Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam rediscover the way to attain Dhammakaya. Since then, he is known as "the rediscoverer of the Dhammakaya Tradition of Meditation". He brought along with the basics way of practice meditation to attain the wisdom known to the Buddha, and to propagating the greatest teaching around the world until today. It is said that regardless races, nationality, cultures or religion the way of meditation practice to attain Dhammakaya can do by everyone. It is universal good, which doesn't invade or effect any believe, because it is only about the mind. Therefore you can see that the Dahmmakaya Tradditional of Meditation is spreading everywhere. The most important issue is that many people could be able to manage. This is the reason why Luang Phow Wat Pak Nam has many disciples devoted themselves and join in the temple as monk who ordain for all his life and lay people who devoted themselves to Buddhism. Because kindness and virtue of Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam to all mankind, even he is pass away, but the teaching of Dhammakaya Traditional is still practice continuously. The Ideal of Goodness Many knowledgeable people remind that "the good example is more important than the teaching" some people said "all the Dhamma is invaluable without the practice". It signifies that the way of practice that causes virtue of goodness is still exist. There is a memorandum recorded in the text books and scriptures, sometime is an inherit teaching that carries on. Consequently, there was the question of how can we bring the benefit of virtue teaching to the real practice. Sometimes, we think that we have to wait for the person of supreme perfection to see and understand the teaching and to carry on the value and to be the ideal for the other to follow and induce all the perfections to real the practice effectively. Similarly, as all kind of minerals, there are worthless for people who don't know the value of it will see them as only invaluable stone and coarse sand. These minerals are still remaining under the ground until a person of supreme perfection and genius come along who see the value of it. And transform them in many kinds and forms for the benefit of one self and others. Then, the conclusion is that even we need people to see the value of the well informed about truth of life, but at the mean time we need the role model as a pattern to follow. Therefore, this is the reason why we pay a highly respect to Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam is because he is the ideal of goodness, who cherish us to put the effort and contribution in pursuing perfections. Nevertheless Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam is the well informed about the truth of life; he is also an ideal in mediation practice to attain Dhammakaya. The Actual Truth There is one story about the well informed about the truth to bring the wisdom knowledge for the benefit is Phrathip Palinya, who was the high ranking official in the ancient time. One who meditated with Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam and he has written the book in B.E 2489 that of which, at that period of time there were compilation text on the truth regarding Nirvana presented royally to his majesty the king by 18 senior recognize abbots. Each preaches differently from their personal view point using different wordings. Of the 18 senior recognize abbots only one preach the truth fact that the definition given to nirvana is not at all complicated but what is most difficult is to clarify nirvana itself. Which give us the point of view that the knowledge can be learn by everyone, but the knowledge can be understood differently, regarding on the different level of skills can clarify one definition differently. But what's difficult is to bring it to the real practice. Therefore, the way into insight knowledge is to access through practice. If one can practice one should be paid highly respect and honor as the highest teacher. Even he is still alive or pass away does not make any different to us because he is always in our mind and heart. "Vijja Dhammakaya" was rediscovered from the real practice of meditation and after that the teaching on the bases of the mind of the meditation in the Dhammakaya Tradition was expanded by Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam . During the period of Luang Por Wat Pak Nam , the word "Dhammakaya" was rarely heard anywhere, that make curiosity to many people, but some people did not understand the meaning of it. And some believe that Luang Pu invented this meditation concept himself since this traditional method of meditation died out of the mediation cycle for over 2,000 years which there also believe that his teaching were overexactulate of power that Luang Por made up his own way of teaching method. "We wise man did not lack wisdom, we know evilness and we see goodness, why commit suicide due to temptation from desire. How can they misled believe erase the truth of Buddhism. It can only temporarily cover the truth but before long the actual truth will arise within itself once again" Sometimes, some people misled believe, he only smiled without any responses. He only said "so sympathy for their ignorant, if there is no actual truth how can one invented meditation concept oneself" Luang Pu practiced meditation to eradicate the root of all evil. Therefore, we should pay highly respect to the greatest kindness of Luang Pu. Revering the Right Person At the time of the Lord Buddha was born, all mankind knew that the triple gems are the only truth that can rely on, as well as paying highly respect to Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam who is the great teacher is the same as paying respect to Dhamma in the triple gems. It can be prove that dhamma can be verify by meditation practice and causes goodness to the doer. Meditation will turn the normal people to be a greatest person to be honor and respect by others. Therefore, by revering the right person will bring the glory and prosperity to one's life.

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